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So, what is this principal on values you ask?

HR Habitat works with organisations of all sizes and industries who want to tackle inclusion from the very breadth of their existence - their policies and procedures. But also, we work with those who want to do more by creating a positive working cultures, after all, a culture is an unwritten rule and no amount of great policies can fix a negative culture. 

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Led by a consultant in Human and Behaviour professional, CIPD, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist and one of 500 FIR Ambassadors for UK (Fairness, Inclusion, Respect).

Todays workplaces can tell many tales. Stories that make you lose sleep at night, stories around inequality towards women, or discrimination towards people of all backgrounds, unfair treatment etc. Sadly, these are all very much still a taboo. So, we knew we needed to do more by adding the 'human' back into Human Resources. We would like to think that discrimination is a thing of the past, that women now have equal opportunities at work, that businesses do not frown upon employees having a life outside of work, but we are still very far from it. Leaders can be great, who lead with integrity and provide a safe and enjoyable space at work. But these companies can employ tens or hundreds of staff who may not quite share the same value. So, why are we quick to fill an open role? Who is going to ensure the values are aligned and embedded in practice? Us, HR Habitat. 

From workforce planning using scientific research, to skills analysis using psychological methods passed down the ages, we ensure employees objectives align with that of the organisation. We gather workforce statistics (whether its numerical for example around pay gaps) to qualitative data (employee focus groups, analysis, internal engagement). Our motto is that while financial reports tell you the 'what', our HR Habitat reports will provide you the 'why?' to your 'what'. 

We also deal with the daily people practice issues (disciplinaries, warnings, evidence gathering, monitoring etc) but our work is around PREVENTATIVE measures. If an organisation can get to the bottom of their employees true thoughts & feelings then this would mean small issues can be ironed out before they become an obstacle. You might find that managers are the problem - and that's ok.... for now. Your first step is wanting to allocate the time and resources in finding out your issues. We can then work together on a strategic solution.

HR Habitat is so determined to shift the mindset & narrative of todays workplaces that we offer free education & awareness around what we call 'taboo topics & complex conversations' so stakeholders have a clear understanding on how to approach any given stigma subject. You can listen to our podcast show #TeaAndTalksWithTina which feature some amazing special guests from medical consultants, CEOs and business owners to employees- people who have suffered inequality in their workplace and want to tell their story. Perhaps you have something sticky you need to deal with in your business? Gain some knowledge before tackling this from a managerial perspective.

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