Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, £65k pa


London SW1, UK

Job Type

Full Time

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About the Role

You'll be expected to: 

  • Ceate new policies and procedures for the company

  • Recruitment- adverstise all roles, assist with interviews and shortlisting and issue offer letters

  • Create an on-boarding process for all new starters

  • Maintain employee files 

  • Conduct appraisals and offer support in adminstration 

  • Chip with in the marketing teams brading initiatives - you'll be involved in creating interesting merchandise for promotional purposes

  • Maintain IT support

  • Be point of contact for all HR related matters

  • Collect timesheets for freelance agents



Your experience: 

  • 10 years experience within the construction industry 

  • Minimum of 7 years experience in EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion)

Your Values: 

(This matches the clients values so we need to make sure you share the same ethics) 

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Strong work ethic

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