Breaking Bullying Behaviours - FREE for School Students

Because biases start from learned experiences in life settings such as in schools.

We work so hard to break biases in workplaces in the aim to create an atmosphere of equality and acceptance & to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

However, we realised that school students and colleges are in dire need of education around EDI (equality, diversity & inclusion).

This FREE service was launched on a May weekend after coming to realise that schools have been hitting major headlines due to cases of bullying and victimization on grounds of race, religion, and others. 

We know we want to change the world. And to do that, we must also speak to the students of our world to provide education on diversity, why this is so important and how to behave inclusively in schools.

This gives not only teachers the comfort that students are being exposed to what the curriculum would not normally teach, but also gives parents the comfort of knowing that the school is committed to raising good humans.

This is a FREE service and consists of student interactive workshops & webinars. We will work on a first come first service basis, but prioritise schools with a history of bullying experiences.

This programme is delivered to students free of charge only and is not a staff based programme. For employee programmes please refer to our workshops page for details. 

Lets change the world.

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FREE EDI for Students only- Workshops & Webinars

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